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Hunting Small Game in ArizonaArizona Department of Game and Fish
(520) 628-5376 (Tucson Office)
(602) 942-3000 (Main Office in Phoenix)

Hunting licenses are required in Arizona. Consult the Arizona Department of Game and Fish web site for details on obtaining a license. Specific information on rules and regulations for hunting are available on their Hunting Rules page and there is a hunters' newsletter. The website also provides information on "Living with Wildlife," coping with Arizona's critters including javelina, mountain lions and bats.

G. J. Sagi's book, Hunting Small Game in Arizona, contains a wealth of tips and information.

Before you start, check out these safety tips from the Cochise County Sheriff's Office.

Some hunting areas are:

Cochise Stronghold
The area surrounding Cochise Stronghold is open to the hunting of whitetail deer, mule deer and javelina in season.

Dos Cabezas Wilderness Area
Areas of the Dos Cabezas Wilderness are open to hunting of javelina and other game as specified by the regulations of the Arizona Department of Game and Fish. (Northeast of the ghost town of Dos Cabezas)

San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge
East of Douglas, the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, along with the neighboring Leslie Canyon National Wildlife Refuge, protects scarce aquatic and riparian habitats. The San Bernardino Refuge stretches across the bottom of a wide valley and includes a portion of the headwaters of the Yaqui River, which drains western Chihuahua and eastern Sonora, Mexico. San Bernardino Refuge is open to dove, quail and cottontail rabbit hunting in season. Leslie Canyon NWR is closed to hunting and both refuges are closed to fishing.

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area
(Bureau of Land Management)
Regulated Firearm & Bow Hunting: discharge of firearms is permitted only for regulated hunting, which is permitted in the San Pedro National Conservation Area only north of Charleston Road and south of Highway 92 from September 1 through March 31 except within 1/4 mile of developed facilities or residences. Bow hunting is permitted anywhere within the NCA during established hunting periods except within 1/4 mile of developed facilities or residences. Unleashed hunting dogs may be used during the recognized hunting period and only in the areas open to firearm discharge.

Hunting Small Game in ArizonaRecommended reading: Sagi, G. J.
Hunting Small Game in Arizona.
Phoenix: Golden West Publishers, 1993.

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