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Birding near Tombstone

Dragoon mountains near Tombstone

Dragoon Mountains (520) 364-3468
Coronado National Forest, Douglas Ranger District
The Dragoon Mountains are home to Mexican jays, hummingbirds, prairie falcon, turkey vulture and golden eagle. Trails afford good viewing and photographing opportunities. From Tombstone take Highway 80 a short distance north to Middlemarch Road. From the Tombstone end, Middlemarch Road will take you right in to the southern edge of the Dragoon Mountains. Forest roads branch off in many directions if you wish to explore, or you can follow Middlemarch right over the mountains to the Pearce area.

Holy Trinity Monastery Bird Sanctuary
The beautiful garden of the Holy Trinity Monastery is an established bird sanctuary with shaded walks and placid ponds. Near St. David, north of Tombstone on Highway 80. Free

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area
(520) 458-3559
Bureau of Land Management
The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, forty miles of riparian vegetation, supports an abundance of plants and animals. It is one of the premier birding areas in the nation. The SPRNCA runs along the San Pedro River, from the Mexican border to Benson and has 10 access points. A network of trails covering almost the whole length of the Conservation Area is a magnet for bird lovers. This riparian area is home to over 100 species and is on the migratory path of many more. In all over four hundred species have been sighted. Raptors include gray hawk, Swainson's hawk, Mississippi kite, and crested caracara. Upland and songbirds include the ground dove, scaled quail, northern cardinal and summer tanager.
Tombstone is only a stone's throw from the SPRNCA, with easy access to both the Fairbank and Charleston parking lots. To reach Charleston, take Charleston Road southwest from Tombstone. To reach Fairbank take Highway 80 north from Tombstone to Highway 82. Then take 82 west to Fairbank. Both Fairbank and Charleston are ghost towns associated with Tombstone's mining past. They were the sites along the San Pedro river where the stamp-mills stood that processed the silver from the Tombstone mines.
Find visitor information at San Pedro House along Hwy 90, 8 miles east of Sierra Vista or call the Sierra Vista Convention and Visitors Bureau for a free birder's guide. (800) 288-3861 or (520) 458-6940 Free