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Birding near Bisbee


Fiesta de las Aves (Bisbee, May)
Lots of activities celebrating the warblers, flycatchers, tanagers, orioles, trogons, hummingbirds, raptors, and other migratory birds passing through southeastern Arizona at this time of year.

Birding Areas
San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area

(520) 458-3559
Bureau of Land Management
The San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, forty miles of riparian vegetation, supports an abundance of plants and animals. It is one of the premier birding areas in the nation. The SPRNCA runs along the San Pedro River, from the Mexican border to Benson and has 10 access points. A network of trails covering almost the whole length of the Conservation Area is a magnet for bird lovers. This riparian area is home to over 100 species and is on the migratory path of many more. In all over four hundred species have been sighted. Raptors include gray hawk, Swainson's hawk, Mississippi kite, and crested caracara. Upland and songbirds include the ground dove, scaled quail, northern cardinal and summer tanager.
The closest access points to the SPRNCA from Bisbee are at Hereford Road, and at Palominas Road (Hwy 92). The Palominas Highway access is the only place where you can actually drive into the SPRNCA. In theory you can drive along the river to the Mexican border. In practice it is hard to tell which "road" is the right one, but you'll find some interesting things anyway.

Sulphur Springs Valley
This valley stretches between the Willcox Playa and the Mexican border between Bisbee and Douglas. A drive through it, either on the main highway (191) or on the back roads of the ghost town areas, will afford many sightings ranging from sandhill cranes (in fall and winter) to hawks, eagles and the always-lively roadrunner. Highway 80 heading east from Bisbee will take you to Highway 191, the backbone of the Sulphur Springs Valley. Free

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area
Managed by the Dept. of Game and Fish, this area of the Sulphur Springs Valley attracts sandhill cranes in vast numbers between October and February. On the southern end of the Sulphur Springs Valley, near McNeal, the cranes can be seen in the Whitewater Draw area.They roost in the wetlands at night and feed in the shorn fields nearby during the morning. Take Highway 80 east from Bisbee till it splits off into Double Adobe Road. Take Double Adobe east to Central Highway. Take Central north to Bagby and Bagby west to Coffman Road (milepost 21). The access to the viewing area is at Coffman Road near Bagby Road. (If you get to Davis Road, you've gone too far. Head back south to Bagby) Free