Wild West history

Across Arizona on the Southern Pacific (1882)

Across Country with a Cavalry Column

Anglo-American Exploration

Apache Warfare on the Mexican Border

J.R. Bartlett and the Boundary Commission

The Bascom Incident

The Battle of Apache Pass

B Troop, 4th U.S. Cavalry Regiment (Memorial)

Buffalo Soldiers

Butterfield Overland Stage

A Campaign against the Apaches, 1885-86

Captain Lawton's Campaign, 1886

Crimes and Criminals

Civil War in the Southwest

Faraway Ranch

Fort Bowie

The Gadsden Purchase


General Crook in the Indian Country

General Miles and the Heliograph

General Miles' Capture of Geronimo

Ghost Towns

The Heliograph in the Apache Campaign

Horses of the Plains

LTC W. H. Emory Reports

Historic Buildings


Mexican/American Boundary


Murders at Mowry

National Guard on the Border

The Oatman Massacre

Official Correspondence re: Geronimo, 1886

An Outpost of Civilization, the Hacienda of San Jose Bavicora by Frederic Remington

A Rodeo at Los Ojos by Frederic Remington

Stafford Cabin

San Bernardino Ranch


Tombstone 1882, first-hand account

Willcox, Killing of Warren Earp

If you read only one book about life on the wild frontier, it should be Mark Twain's Roughing It, an authentic American narrative that's as fresh today as it was in 1872 when it was first published. Beginning with his stagecoach trip to the Nevada Territory, Twain recounts his adventures of six years in the mining camps and frontier boomtowns of the west. Roughing It is available new and used in many editions, including an e-book.

Roughing It by Mark Twain
Roughing It
by Mark Twain