Free Ebooks & Articles about Arizona History

Across Arizona on the Southern Pacific Railroad (1882) by William Henry Bishop

Across Country with a Cavalry Column (1885) by R. F. Zogbaum

Adventures in the Apache Country (1864) by J. Ross Browne (illustrated) 3.2 MB file or Not Illustrated 252 KB file

The Battle of Apache Pass (1862) by John Cremony (excerpt from Life Among the Apaches)

A Campaign Against the Apaches, 1885-86 by Lieutenant Marion P. Maus, First Infantry

The Casa Grande of Arizona by Cosmos Mindeleff

General Crook in the Indian Country by Capt. John G. Bourke, with illustrations by Frederic Remington

Life Among the Apaches by John Cremony

Notes of a military reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including of Part the Arkansas, del Norte and Gila Rivers by Lieutenant W. H. Emory

Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora and Chihuahua, 1850-1853, Volume 1, by John Russell Bartlett.
Illustrated version, 2.1 MB
Text only version, 378 KB
Volume 2 is in preparation, expected to be finished by December, 2010

Poston's 1854 Journal, illustrated or Poston's 1854 Journal, text only by Charles Debrille Poston, Arizona Pioneer (From J. Ross Browne, Adventures in the Apache Country, Chapter 24)

Articles by Frederic Remington:

A Scout with the Buffalo Soldiers by Frederic Remington

Horses of the Plains (Illustrated) by Frederic Remington

Horses of the Plains (Not illustrated, text only)

Massai's Crooked Trail (Illustrated)

On the Indian Reservations, San Carlos, Arizona Territory, by Frederic Remington

An Outpost of Civilization by Frederic Remington tells of ranch life at the Hacienda San Jose de Bavicora

A Rodeo at Los Ojos written and illustrated by Frederic Remington

Other articles

Southeast Arizona History to 1861

Paleo-Indians in Southeast Arizona

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Across Arizona on the Southern Pacific Railroad 446 KB
Across Country with a Cavalry Column, 275 KB
Adventures in the Apache Country (Illustrated), 3.2 MB
Adventures in the Apache Country (Not Illusrated), 252 KB
A Campaign Against the Apaches (Illustrated), 367 KB
A Scout with the Buffalo-Soldiers (Illustrated), 955 KB
The Battle of Apache Pass, 277 KB
Horses of the Plains (Illustrated), 847 KB
Horses of the Plains (Not Illustrated), 124 KB
Life Among the Apaches, 321 KB
Massai's Crooked Trail (illustrated) 735 KB
Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, 229 KB
Paleo Indians in Southeast Arizona, 237 KB
Poston's 1854 Journal (Illustrated), 659 KB
Poston's 1854 Jounral (Not Illustrated), 128 KB
Rodeo at Los Ojos, 982 KB (Illustrated)
Southeast Arizona History to 1861, 130 KB

A Campaign against the Apaches