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Throughout the year a wide variety of events in Cochise County present music, fine arts, crafts, drama, film, and outdoor activities. Themed events celebrate the Southwestern, American Indian and Hispanic cultures which have enriched the area.

Events are listed by genre to the left, under each city in the "Cities" pages and on our regional Calendar of events which includes top events in Pima, Graham, and Santa Cruz counties as well as those in Cochise county.

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Pet safety tips
Man petting dogIgnore that sad look on your pup's face when you head out in the car on a warm day without him. He's safer at home. Temperatures in parked cars under the Arizona sun rise extremely rapidly even when the air temperatures outside don't seem excessively hot. Just a few minutes in a hot car can seriously endanger your pet. Furthermore, it's against the law to leave pets in parked cars. State, county and city ordinances prohibit the confinement of animals in vehicles when conditions exist that may threaten the animal’s life or well-being. Such conditions include the temperatures that we are currently experiencing in southern Arizona. Both residents and visitors make the mistake of leaving their animals to suffer under these dangerous conditions in public parking lots at malls, movie theaters, and supermarkets.

Arizona Revised Statute 13-2910-A7 allows police and animal control officers to use reasonable means to remove the animal from the vehicle, including breaking out windows. Officers can take these steps and provide emergency medical care to the animal without the owner’s knowledge or consent. If the animal suffers any serious bodily damage or death, the owner could be arrested and charged with felony-level animal cruelty.

Police and animal control officers will be vigilant this summer to provide education and enforcement on these issues. The Animal Cruelty Taskforce is asking for assistance by encouraging the public to contact 911 for animal-related emergencies such as confinement to hot cars.

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