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Willcox area historic sitesSouthern Pacific RR Depot, Willcox, AZ

The Willcox Southern Pacific Railroad Depot (pictured above)
The Willcox SP depot is a wood-frame building, clad in redwood. The second story, behind the balcony, provided a cozy apartment for the stationmaster and his family. Built in 1881, the depot has been beautifully restored and is now used as the Willcox City Hall. Visitors can view an interpretive railroad display in the lobby. Railroad Avenue.

Rex Allen Museum and Cowboy Hall of Fame

Historic Railroad Avenue, Willcox
Running parallel to the train tracks of Willcox is the historic downtown area, which includes a large adobe department store, built in 1881, which is still in operation. Other buildings housed the Soto brothers store, the Willcox bank, the Joseph Schwertner saloon, the Palace saloon, and the Headquarters Saloon where Warren Earp was shot and killed one hot day in July 1900. (The youngest Earp brother is buried in the Old Willcox Cemetery.) T
he site of the Headquarter Saloon, now an antique store, bears a plaque attesting its lively history. Also on Railroad Avenue is the Rex Allen Museum and Willcox Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Schwertner House, Willcox
This house, just around the corner from Railroad Avenue in WilIcox, was built entirely of redwood in 1881. It was used as an overnight stop by soldiers arriving by train in Willcox en route to Fort Grant. Later it was the residence of Joseph Schwertner and his family. The Sulphur Springs Valley Historical Society is restoring the building.

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The Willcox Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture provides a map and guide to a self-guided walking tour of historic Willcox. The Chamber is located at 1500 N. Circle I Road; phone, (520) 384-2272.