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Pearce was the site of one of the richest gold strikes ever found in Arizona, said to have produced between fifteen and thirty million dollars worth of gold from 1894 to 1896. Pearce was also the headquarters of the Alvord/Stiles gang who robbed the Southern Pacific Railway train at the Cochise Station September 9, 1899. Those lawless days are past now, though, and Pearce has joined with the neighboring community of Sunsites to encourage the growth of both retail business and light industry. Two reminders of the past are the Cochise Hotel, off Highway 191 in Cochise, and the Pearce General Store at Ghost Town Rd. and Pearce Rd., Pearce. Both are listed in National Register of Historic Places. The area is also home to several guest ranches and a cowboy school. Trail rides are available for those wanting an authentic experience of the old west, and Cochise Stronghold is a cool and pleasant place for a ride or a hike. Golfers can enjoy the scenic 18-hole walking golf course. Nearby ghost towns include Courtland, Gleeson and Middlemarch.

Recommended reading:

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