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Chiricahua Wilderness, Coronado National Forest

Drug and human smuggling activities have made Arizona's wilderness areas extremely unsafe. We no longer encourage you to visit them.

For current trail information and fire danger reports, contact Douglas Ranger District (520) 364-3468

The Chiricahua Wilderness is 87,700 acres surrounding 9,797 ft. Chiricahua Peak. Steep canyons radiate from the high point. Travel is difficult in this area because of a heavy accumulation of dead and fallen trees. The only openings are old fire sites, rock outcroppings and a few natural parks. Travel is legally limited to foot and horseback. The wilderness area is restricted to hiking, and pack animal use only. No vehicles are permitted. The absence of motorized or mechanized vehicles, low trail maintenance, and limited signage provides a rugged, challenging outdoor experience for hikers.

Access points to the wilderness areas are available at several of the developed campsites. For safety always give family/friends a complete itinerary when you enter the wilderness. Let someone know where you're going, and when you plan to be back. Trailhead parking fee: $3 per vehicle per day. If you enter the forest by the Portal route, access points are at Herb Martyr and South Fork. Rustler Park is an access point reachable from either east or west. From the south you can enter the wilderness area through Rucker Canyon at the Rucker Forest campsite. For the latest information, call Douglas Ranger District Office: (520) 364-3468. Check the Forest Service website for fire danger, updates and restrictions.

The Forest Service publishes excellent, reasonably priced maps of the various ranges in the Coronado National Forest.